Underground chained slavery Law makers around the world need to see my alerting you about the undergrounded chained slavery seriously. You need investigate all members 房屋貸款who link to JungShiauLin, Linda Chwee(718-2656502 917-4353068), Ling Yu(516-6817003 售屋網718-6318895) Xing Swen(886-7-7416503) May-Wheel Chi(ld) (886-9-29196247)seriously. Because I just found 住商房屋 out Linda Chwee's daughters's names link to JungShiau Lin's brother JungChengLin's wife LiuYuChen as well as 租屋網 XingSwen's big brother's daughter's name. This sort of underground chained must have existed over thousand years world wide, I thi 售屋網nk there's no way to get rid of this evil mind underground chained slavery unless every one not give birth any more, the only way to put this evil mind to slow down or 酒店經紀frozen to sleep is to get all woman to stay home blocked by her family male members. This may explain how come not only Chinese middle class or above middle class family but also western country 結婚西裝like U.K. used to hidden their female members including their house workers inside their big house doors. Therefore, woman, if you care about your family, care your community, care your country to have a peaceful 結婚 future, you must do your best to live  as isolated life as possible.  Keep in mind that less evil cannot win evil doers, therefore, no matter how other woman's running butterflied around in front of you, you must have the 裝潢 strength to stay quietly as a woman supposed to do her share to help all of us to have better chance to get peaceful future.  .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 室內裝潢  .
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